Rick (my DH (dear husband)) has been making my jewelry displays for jewelry makers.

One of the most time-saving designs is the earring jewelry display case.  I use a Tri-Fold for my enamel earrings and a French Door design for my mixed metals. The earrings are carded and hung prior to a show so when I arrive at my show all that is left is to open them and place on my table.  It’s so easy for customers to see and choose comparing each colour, shape and size. Using the earring displays has helped reduced my setup time and takes up much less space on my table.

Rick makes several design options available including the “Tri-Fold” (as shown in the video below), which holds 75 pairs of carded earrings. To see all the displays that he makes, go to DISPLAYS in SHOP NOW.

The Tri-Fold holds 75 pair of carded earrings (25 per panel). If you just hang earrings from the ear wires, you should be able to get many more.