I’m excited to announce I won the MAGVI FIRST NATIONS Design Challenge for the month of April and am now able to share my design with you. I have to tell you that there was some pretty stiff competition (which makes it all the more exciting).


First Nations and Navajo cultures (just to name a few), celebrate the eagle in their spiritually-based ceremonies as it is believed the eagle could soar between heaven and earth because of how high it can fly. 
​My design pays tribute to the “Eagle Dancer” and can be worn as a pendant, scarf pin or brooch.

The fabrication of this piece incorporates hand sawing, riveting, hammer & rolling mill textures and soldering to name a few. This was my first prong setting for the top bead/stone and fabricating a pin clasp. It is worth mentioning that hand sawing is not something I embrace, but felt the design needed a free form design for the back plate to frame the top piece (and I only broke 3 blades so that is an improvement for me). The bail wasn’t in the original design, but was born out of having to trouble shoot a failed frame for the pin. I’m happy with how it turned out and how I was able to problem solve along the way.

There are things I would alter next time but I so enjoyed the journey of this challenge.