Are you ready for the 2022 summer art shows?

I know I am and it’s always exciting to start planning. There are so many things that need attention like, are my displays up to snuff, are my banners still relevant, do I need to order business or earring cards and which new design am I going to offer this year?

Well, I’ll share with you that I am a self-confessed “earring junkie”. No matter how many times I say to myself “I am not making another pair of earrings”, I finish the day looking at the “pairs of earrings I made”. It’s awful… well really, it’s awfully good.

My earring obsession needs special attention so this year I decided it was time to change my earring cards. Over the years, they went from nice creamy linen to an awful yellowish color. I accepted it as I got such a good deal on the cards but NOT THIS YEAR. I have fresh new white earring cards and they look amazing, even if I must say so myself. The earrings just pop now with the focus on their natural beauty of patterns and textures. With the cards being white, I can’t have them getting dirty so each one goes in a little cello bag. It’s worth the extra work. Now to organize them. Will it be by shape (round, rectangle etc.) or by price? Maybe a combination of both. Oh, the decisions one must make.