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This Titanium Bezel Soldering Grip designed by Eugenia Chan is lightweight, strong, resistant to high temperature and easy to use. With some practice, you will solder with confidence and joy in this delicate procedure. Link to YouTube tutorial at the bottom.

It works best with a Third Hand Base which is not included in the price, but for demo purposes only.

Mount the Grip to the Third Hand, which holds the Grip securely and leaving your hands free to work with the metal.

Insert the bezel stock, strip or wire with the seam in the middle of the opening, tighten grip with nut. No more struggling with those uncooperative and wiggly bezel wires and o prevent the Bezel ends from slipping, twisting or overlapping when firing.

Flux and solder.

Don't touch the Grip, it is hot!!

It can be air cooled or to speed up the procedure, pick up the whole assembly by the Base and quench into a bowl of cold water.

Loosen the Grip, remove and finish as usual



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