Textured Copper Sheet Metal from a William (Bill) Rice Hand Engraved design 6" x 2"

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With my fellow jeweler in mind who do not own have rolling mill, hydraulic press or textured plates, I'm offering these to you so you'll be able to create earrings, pendants, bracelets and so much more.

I use 6" x 2" 22 gauge copper sheet. Each piece is annealed, pickled and then run through the rolling mill using a variety of textured plates I’ve collected over the years and use in my personal jewelry designs. The metal thins somewhat when rolled through the mill

The sheet sizes vary and will be indicated in the photo of the textured sheet listed. Most texture plates I use are 6” x 2” but some are as large as 7 “ x 2.5” wide. I can press the whole plate in most cases but sometimes the plates are uneven so I can only get a good press out of a section OR I've choose a section to press. I've tried to take accurate measurements but sometimes they may be a pinch less or more.

Photos of any finished pieces are not included with this listing.

Once you create your piece, you can add a patina to bring out all the beautiful textures.

SHIPPING - Canada Post Small Packet - No Insurance or Tracking

Thank you for looking and shopping and please contact me if you have any questions or requests.

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