Torch Fire Enamel, Spatula, Enameling Tool, Aluminium, Enameling Spatula

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Torch Fire Enamel Spatula is a light-weight and valuable addition tool for enameling designed by Eugenia Chan.

Place Spatula on a flat surface over a piece of paper. Position the metal piece on the flat part of the Spatula and sift.
When done, pick up the Spatula by holding the curved handle and carefully grab the piece by the edges with your fingers and place it inside the Basket for torching. This way,, the design you just put on won’t get disturbed.

This sifting method applies to stenciling as well.

However, sifting is best done by placing the Spatula inside a 4” bowl. so any extra powder will be collected inside the bowl without mixing up with other colors, thus keeping your working area tidy and clean.

Bowl not included.

Here's a great video of Eugenia showing how to use this tool.

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